Questions that HWB are asked frequently are answered below. Journalists with further inquiry, or who have a request for interview, can get in touch with HWB via .

  1. Why Hackers Without Borders?

The last straw was the attack on the Red Cross.

The anger coupled with this feeling of helplessness has fueled the reflection. This debate was initiated by Florent, Karim, Clement and Pierre-Marie who quickly fantasized about a taskforce that could be mobilized quickly to help during such cyber attacks. This attack on one of the most well known and dedicated NGO in the world was felt as an attack against the best humanity can do. At the same time, it shows how much NGOs are vulnerable and without any real support because of their neutral status.  

In less than 24 hours the crazy adventure of starting Hackers Without Borders was launched!

Then, so many  people joined us afterwards. They believed in this project and in the strength of the collective.

  1. Which geographical areas or conflict zones will HWB initially aim to focus on?

HWB works on the cyber field and as hackers, we can help anywhere on the planet where there is internet. This is our strength as nowadays more and more people are able to get an internet connection. The internet must stay a chance and a link between humans rather than a threat.

  1. I want to volunteer with your organization. How can I help / what’s the best way to get involved?

A volunteer could come in handy in terms of incident response, audit, and forensics for whatever operation HwB is engaged in. Feel free to contact us over the email on our website. We need everyone from the hacker who wants to stay anonymous to the one having no knowledge of hacking but wanting to protect NGOs from any cyber threat.

  1. How is HWB funded?

HWB will be funded exclusively by donations for being sure that nobody can interfere with our mission and hacking spirit. We would like to give the opportunity to fund us with cryptocurrencies : everyone will be able to see how their funding has been used.

  1. Who does HWB provide cyber assistance to? Will you only be helping NGOs, or other orgs in the charity sector?

We want to provide support to any NGO and Healthcare structure. When we will be able to manage enough intervention, we plan to support charities as well. Our main goal is to help humanity and any neutral organization following the same mission.

  1. My organization has been impacted by a cyber-attack. How do you plan on helping ?Β 

Just contact us and explain to us what happened to your organization.

  1. What other type of aid or services will/can you offer?
  • HWB will respond to cyber-attack mitigation and intelligence requests from its stakeholders. Stakeholders can expect to receive information related to the threat actors targeting them, as well as reports about trends and new TTPs of threat actors.
  • HWB will help its stakeholders identify vulnerabilities, compromised assets, data leaks, and so on. 
  • Cyber-awareness training.
  • Providing cyber-protection capabilities, guidance, and technical advice to stakeholders, including handling domains & network profiling, providing audits and hardening IT networks
  • Forensic and analysis for discovering the attacking infrastructure. 
  • Shutdowns – Removal of a website, web page, or file from the Internet after signaling it to the hosting provider. 
  • Law enforcement/national CERTs escalations. 

  1. Are There regions/ nations you refuse to help?


  1. How does HWB remain politically neutral?

A dedicated committee totally independent will be assigned to HWB executive committee and help us to remain neutral.

  1. What languages do you support?

For now, we use French and English and we are looking for anyone able to help us to support any language in the world

  1. What will be your first steps? What projects ?

We want to build a working and sharing infrastructure. One of our projects is to build up a sharing platform where any NGO could get IoCs which we will find. We want to build up a first team of response, some sort of NGOs-CERT which any one in need could require.